10 Best Needle Felting Kits For Beginners

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Are you looking to try your hand at needle felting and want the perfect needle felting kits for beginners that will give you a great starting point?

Well, read on my lovely needle felting friend because today we’ve got a list of our top ten best needle felting kits for beginners that we just know you’re going to love!

Why Use A Needle Felting Kit For Beginners?

The great thing about starting out with kits is that you get to learn different techniques and tips before you try moving on to your own designs.

You also get most of, notice I didn’t say all, of the supplies you need straight out of the box.

So yep… unfortunately, some kits don’t come with ALL the tools that needle felters like you, and I need… But don’t worry, I’m going to let you know exactly what needle felting tools you should buy alongside your needle felting kit of choice.

What Supplies Do I Need For Needle Felting?

When you purchase a needle felting kit you will have all the supplies you need to make the craft.

However, depending on the kit, you might find certain tools aren’t included, such as the felting foam mat, etc… so it’s best to check the contents of the kit first.

So now, let’s take a quick look at the essential supplies you’ll need to get started with needle felting…

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Needle Felting Pen Tool With 3 Needles

This pen allows for 3 needles which makes it perfect for needle felting small areas when one needle isn’t enough and the larger 8 needle tool is too large.


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Needle Felting Tool With 8 Needles

Great for working fast on larger areas.

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Needle Felting Mat

The soft needle felting mat gives you a nice firm surface to work on and protects your needles from breaking.

needle felting mat

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Finger Guards

Finger guards are absolutely essential when needle felting as the felting needles are sharp and barbed!

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Beginners Tool Set

This kit is exactly the one I purchased when getting started with needle felting. It contains all the essential tools, lots of nice extras, such as molds, tweezers, scissors and accessories to make keyrings… plus you get 40 mini-packs of wool to get you started. 

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Needle Felting Kits For Beginners

1. Mother Hen & Chick Needle Felting Kit

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2. Lavender Felting Kit

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3. Needle Felting Bobcat Kit

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4. Cactus & Critter Kit

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5. Penguin Kit

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6. Cactus Needle Felting Kit

Three needle felt cactus kit

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7. Little Dinosaur Needle Felting Kit

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8. Gnome Needle Felting Kit

gnome needle felting kit

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9. Sheep DIY Needle Felting Kit

Diy Needle Felted Sheep Kit

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10. Bumble Bee Needle Felting Kit

Bumble bee needle felting kit for beginners

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